Discount Programs

For decades, the branded pharmaceutical industry has believed that no patient should be denied therapy. Brand marketers have worked to offer programs that overcome cost issues enabling patients to receive medications they need. In keeping with this long held belief, branded pharmaceutical manufacturers are now offering discount programs (i.e. coupons, co-pay cards, etc) for their brands. Discount programs for branded medications are designed to assist patients in gaining access to these medications by removing cost issues that could limit the physician and patient’s decision on the best medication to treat the patient’s ailment.

Discount programs can be beneficial to almost all patients who pay cash or have private insurance. There are different types of discount programs that generally fall into three categories; coupons, co-pays, and samples. Coupon programs tend to be a one-time discount to the cost of a medication (i.e. $1 off your next purchase of Tylenol®). Co-pay programs are designed to minimize or remove the cost to the patient for a prescribed medication. Both coupons and co-pay programs can be available in the form of a deduction at the time of purchase or a mail in rebate. Sample programs are an updated version of the 50+ year old practice of giving physicians product samples to ensure a patient does not have to wait to start their medication until the pharmacy can obtain the product.

Using the RxCuris search box, you can find a continuously updated list of discount programs from pharmaceutical manufacturers. To make it as easy as possible for you, RxCuris strives to be as comprehensive as possible and has verified each discount program. However, if you find a discount program that we do not have listed, let us know via email; we will investigate and list the discount program as soon as we can. Do not be deterred if the product does not have a discount program, for there are other ways to overcome cost issues. Search for the brand name and RxCuris will provide you information that we believe will help you.