At RxCuris, we are proud to present you with the opportunity to make a donation to a verified Patient Support Group (must be a 501(c) 3 listed organization). Your donation may also be matched through the benevolence of a corporate sponsor. Many Patient Groups are in need of financial help, and through your generosity these groups continue to further the understanding and awareness of these diseases and ailments. If you can’t find your preferred organization, please email us and include your name, name of group, desired webinar content, and your preferred contact method so we may contact you if we have any questions or need clarifications.

Remember, a gift to a Patient Support Group can have significant tax saving advantages. Your tax professional can advise you on what tax impact your gift may have on your personal finances.

Our donation system is set up through PayPal™, one of the most cost effective and secure web based financial transaction systems. In the transaction process, PayPal does charge a small fee from your donation., its parent company, owners, nor any affiliates make any money from your donation or from the PayPal fee.