Patient Support Groups

Effective therapy involves more than the medical diagnosis, post diagnosis care, and treatment. When suffering from an ailment, patients seek advice from their doctors and rely on support from others. Patients can rely on support from family and peers but often Patient Support Groups (PSG’s) are the most helpful resource. In PSG’s, patients can network with group staff and other members who face similar complexities and complications in their life.

Several societies and organizations, specializing in health improvement and illness-specific objectives, offer patients hope and support needed to have a comprehensive treatment approach. PSG’s offer a variety of services, including educational materials, consultations, group therapy, team building activities, and other resources to teach individuals how to cope and adapt to the lifestyle that is often dictated by their illnesses.

RxCuris is proud to offer the most comprehensive online resource of US Patient Support Groups. Simply type in the name of the disease and we will provide you with a list of PSG’s that work in that therapeutic area. In the list find a PSG that is of interest to you and click on it to learn even more about that particular PSG. If you can’t find your preferred organization, please contact us.